Avoid Home Selling Mistakes

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Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Calgary Home

It’s no surprise that when selling a home, people make mistakes which could translate into setbacks. We know this is true because many more people list homes than sell it. The question then becomes, “What causes a home not to sell?”

Here, we talk about three major mistakes that could hinder the sale of your house:

  • Pricing Your Home Based on Emotions or Needs Rather Than on Market Value
  • Selecting Your Agent based on the wrong Reasons
  • Failing to “Showcase” Your Home

1. Pricing your home on emotional factors or circumstantial needs is really a big mistake that many make when they plan to list their property. This happens for many reasons that differ from situation to situation. It is simple to get emotionally placed on a home after having spent lots of time in the home. After all, you have memories in your house and these are precious to you as the seller. However, remember that the buyer will see the picture by having a different lens. They have no memories in the house and their circumstances are different from yours.

2. Did you know that many sellers select the very first agent they interview? Aside from that, sellers tend to opt for a real estate agent that works for the largest organization or that suggests the highest listing price. Whenever you are interviewing agents, shop around and acquire details about the agent’s plan for marketing your property get a grasp of the agent’s reputation or track record.

3. Not “staging” or “showcasing” your home can greatly limit your results. Buyers see the home differently than you do as the seller. For every $100 worthy of repairs the house needs, the buyer will try and deduct nearly $250-$500. This means that repair you make, actually adds 3 to 5 times that much to what you should actually sell the home for. It is important then, that you take time to thoroughly prepare, do any necessary repairs and clean your house to avoid this particular costly home selling mistake.