Moving Checklist

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8 Weeks Before

1. Throw away and organize.

Go room by room and get rid of the stuff you don’t think you need, and then organize the rest. Consider the items that will need a bit more TLC when packing, or if they need special insurance coverage in case of damages.

2. Consider some moving companies

Start doing some research on some companies. There are great resources online to get some reputable company names, or refer to friends and family who have recently moved. Get an estimate in writing before you proceed.

3. Create a moving binder.

Use this to track estimates, receipts and to keep a list of all of the belongings that you are moving.

4. Make plans to transfer your children’s school records

Arrange for their school records to be sent to their new school or district office.

Six Weeks Before

1. Get your supplies

Order supplies such as boxes, wrap & packing tape. Don’t forget the specialty boxes or containers for dishes or wardrobe containers for your clothes.

2. Start using up things that you don’t want to take with you

Like perishable foods as an example. The less you have to take with you, the better.

3. Measure your new spaces

It’s a good idea to start measuring the rooms in your new home, and doorway clearances. You want to make sure that your larger furniture will not only fit into the room, but actually be able to get into it.

One Month Before

1. Pick your mover and schedule them.

Get written confirmation on costs, dates and any insurance coverage.

2. Start packing.

Begin with the things that you don’t use as often. High value items may require some insurance coverage from your moving company. Make a list of the things you want to declare. Tv’s, computers etc … note all high value items.

3. Label.

Label all of your boxes with what’s in them, and which room they should be placed in. This will make sorting and putting everything in your new home much easier.

4. Put your valuable aside.

Personally transport smaller items like jewelry & important paperwork and move them yourself.

5. Change your address with the post office

Go online or to the post office to fill out a change of address form or a forwarding address form. You’ll want to ensure that any important mail that you forgot to change your address with, ends up getting forwarded to you so you can change it later.

6. Notify important organizations that you deal with

Contact your employer, your bank, utilities, subscription services, credit card companies, insurance companies and let them know of your new address. Or, if need be, cancel services with them.

Two Weeks Before

1. Book a day off of work for your moving day.

If you can be, it’s important that you’re present for the move. Take a day off!

2. Empty your safe-deposit box.

If you’ll be changing banks, remove the contents of your safe-deposit box and put them in the safe box that you’ll take with you on moving day.

3. Get in touch with the moving company again.

Confirm the arrangements again with the company.

One Week Before

1. Pack your suitcases

Ensure that you are finished general packing a few days before your move. Pack your suitcases to ensure that your family members have enough clothes to wear for the days in between your move.

A Few Days Before

1. Defrost the freezer.

If you’re taking your freezer, make sure to defrost, drain and clean.

2. Double-check again with the moving company

Confirm the arrival time and other specifics. Ensure that have the right information, and ensure that the moving crew has your mobile number in case they need to contact you

3. Confirm utilities in your new home

Confirm that your new utilities are hooked up and that the utility company is aware of your move in date.

Moving Day

1. Take inventory.

Before the movers are done, review the bill of lading and inventory list to make sure it is correct.

2. Take a final tour and Lock up

Make sure your old home is clear of all items that you’re taking with you. Lock up and secure the property before you leave

Who to notify when you’re moving:

Utilities and key services

  • Tv/Cable/Internet
  • Gas
  • Hydro
  • Electricity
  • Mobile phone company
  • Postal service
  • Health Care Providers

Health Care Providers

  • Health Insurance
  • Dentist
  • Doctor
  • Optometrist & Optician
  • Chiropractor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Massage Therapist


  • Finances
  • Banks
  • Lending institutions
  • Credit card companies
  • Employer
  • Insurance Companies
  • Canada Revenue Agency Others


  • Friends & family
  • Subscription services
  • Club memberships


  • Vehicle Insurance
  • AMA
  • Vehicle Registration & licensing Agency